Callus Softener - Dry Skin Remover by Camillen 60 Germany

Used full strength on callouses and other areas of dried and thickened skin on feet or hands, Camillen 60 Callus Softener works to reduce and finally eliminate the rough, dead skin. Formulated with willow bark extract, lactic acid, and sodium sulfate to soften and loosen the calloused skin, Camillen’s signature chamomile extract then reduces the inflammation that can lead to callus development in the future. Packaged in a convenient dauber-topped bottle, the formula is also effective in softening corns and weals, and does not harm healthy surrounding skin. Committed to resolving foot care issues with proven ingredients and techniques that really work, Camillen 60 has a remedy for just about every foot care problem imaginable. Using the chamomile flower extract for its long-known anti-inflammatory properties, this German company also includes other helpful ingredients identified through ongoing research.
How to use:
The built in dauber on the bottle of Camillen 60 Callus Softener is genius for delivering just the right amount of product to repair areas with toughened skin. Simply tip the bottle and apply to calluses, corns or other areas with dry skin buildup after cleansing the foot. Use daily.

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