Suede and Nubuck Cleaner and Renovateur Medaille D'Or by Saphir France

Saphir Renovateur Suede Nubuck - Medaille D'Or - 250 ml is an all purpose cleaner and conditioner for napped leathers like suede and nubuck. Prepare new shoes and accessories by spraying before the first use and rejuvenate worn suede and nubuck by using the spray to clean, condition, and restore original color. Napped leathers are cared for with natural ingredients like sweet almond oil while harsh chemical ingredients like silicone have to part in the formulation. Saphir is the leading French manufacturer of fine leather and textile cleaners, conditioners and beautifiers. Since 1925, when awarded the Médaille D'or for its leather care creams, this European shoe and leather care company continues to earn the respect of professional and home leather care practitioners. Stocked proudly by Canadian online shoe care expert Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Gently brush away loose dirt and make sure to use only if the item is dry and warm, apply the Saphir Gommadin Nubuck and Suede Cleaner to your napped leather items like you would an eraser. Take care to feather the edges against the soiled and shiny areas. Dirt and grease will be absorbed by the gommadin which will crumble. Brush the crumbles into the trash along with the dirt. The areas rubbed will also have the nap raised.

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