Shoe Odor Deodorant | Footwear Smell Control & Remover by Allpresan

Allpresan Shoe Deodorant is a very original shoe deodorant product formulated to combat odor-causing bacteria, leaving a refreshing fragrance. The active ingredient in this deodorant is based on Tea Tree Oil, with the naturally derived power to protect against athlete's foot but will not harm your stockings or footwear. This product is free of coloring and preservatives. The experts at Allpresan do not just use cover-ups to eliminate foot odor, but instead research and develop ways to control the microbial growth that is the cause of the smell. Getting to the source of the issue and eliminating it ensures the feet cared for are sweet smelling and healthy.
How to use:
Allpresan Shoe Deodorant 10 is easy to use and dries in 30 seconds. Hold the product upright and spray inside shoes or boots. For best results use it in the morning before you put the shoes on and in the evening after removing the shoes.

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