Suede and Nubuck Complete Care Kit by Woly Germany

The beautiful hardwood box of the Woly Suede and Nubuck Complete Care Kit sets the tone, a rich burgundy color and room for all of the tools and products you need to keep your napped leather footwear in top notch shape in one roomy compartment. Equipped with the traditional foot rest on top to ensure your shoes look their best as you walk out the door this kit is ready to make sure specialty leathers get the care they need to look fabulous and feel comfortable.  Suede and nubuck are very popular leathers that require a different approach to cleaning. In this collection, you have all the items that will keep your textured items looking great and lasting for many years. Suede and nubuck respond well to the gentle, absorbent cleaning of crepe brushes, erasing the soiling as they refresh the pile of the suede. Absorbent sponges also work well, including the portable Woly Velours Quick Mini, a perfect travelling companion. Once your suede and nubuck footwear is clean keep them that way with Woly conditioners and protectants.
This unit is Free Shipping for all North American based customers.
The box contains:
1 Woly Protector 3 x 3
1 Woly Suede Velours Spray - Neutral Conditioner/Protectant
1 Woly Cleaning Brush for Suede and Nubuck
1 Woly Crepe Wood Handle Brush
1 Woly Suede and Nubuck Sponge
1 Woly Suede & Velours Gum - Suede/Nubuck Stain Eraser
1 Woly Velours Quick Mini - Nubuck and Suede Cleaner Sponge

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