Suede Leathers Stain Remover - Marks Eraser by Woly Germany

An ingeniously simple solution to ground-in grime on napped leathers, Woly Suede Velours Gum rubs away even stubborn stains on suede and nubuck. The firm block essentially erases dirt, oil and other debris from your favorite suede and nubuck shoes and other leather products; once the stains are removed, all that is needed is a quick brushing and the nap stands up clean and renewed. The rubber material absorbs the offending dirt, stains and even oils and grease, cleaning without any solvents. Even though cleaning leathers and textiles can be a challenge German based Woly seeks always to remove ground in dirt and staining without harsh chemicals that may harm both the materials and skin of the wearer. Review the range of Woly cleansers for all types of leathers online at Valentino Garemi, the Canadian leather care source, serving all of North America.
How to use:
First remove any loose dirt. Then working with the grain of the napped leather gently but firmly use the gum like an eraser over areas of staining. The gum will crumble; it is intended to do so. Deep and stubborn stains may require a bit more pressure and some movement against the grain, but be cautious so as not to break off any of the characteristic fibers. When all areas have been worked over, remove any bits of the gum left over and refresh the nap with a suede brush.

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