Leather Shoes Polish Cloth - Cotton Chamois Shine Rug by Famaco France

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best, and the Famaco Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth certainly proves this to be true, providing a soft and absorbent method to complete a number of different shoe care tasks. It can wipe off excess product; help rinse when saddle or other leather soap has been used for cleaning; rub cleaners, conditioners, and polishes into delicate specialty leathers; and buff shoes, bags, and other fine leathers to a gleaming shine. Fine leather cleaning, conditioning and polishing  products are always complemented by thoughtfully designed, effective and sturdy tools and Famaco of France offers a complete set of applicators, brushes, chamois and shining cloths and pads.
How to use:
This Famaco Polishing Chamois is a real workhorse in your shoe shine kit, handling everything from dusting off surface dirt to finishing a hard and glossy shine. If using to spread polish or other products make sure the cloth is clean. If using with a Valentino Garemi's Cleaner move the cloth to expose clean areas as you work over the leather. If you use it as a shining or polishing cloth make certain it is clean with no loose debris that could scratch the leather.

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