Callus Spray Pro - Thick Dry Skin - 10% Urea by Yards Camillen Germany

When a quick resolution of calluses is desired, Yards Callus Spray 500 ml, enriched with 10 % urea prepares the affected area of the foot for mechanical removal. The high concentration of urea softens the calloused area within moments of spraying, allowing the thick and dried skin to be reduced with an appropriate callus removing tool. Chamomile extract reduces inflammation in the underlying skin, ready now for maintenance and callus prevention with Camillen 60 Foot Balm. Raue Camillen 60 offers a variety of methods to treat foot problems so the consumer can choose the approach that works best in each individual’s circumstances. Creams, sprays, foams and liquids all have their place in the Camillen constellation and all formulations are highly effective and result in healthy feet.
How to use:
The Yards by Camillien 60 Callus Spray 10% Urea make dealing effectively with calluses easy. Simply spray the areas where skin is thickened and allow to soften the callus. It is recommended to wait at least 1 to 2 minutes, and then to use a file to mechanically remove the callus.

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