Healing Foot Skin Cream - Fudes - by Camillen 60 Germany

The irritating itch and embarrassing cracking, discoloration and flaking of fungal infections of the feet and nails responds well to treatment with Camillen 60 Fudes Cream. The thick consistency of this healing cream permits a thorough treatment of all affected areas, including the critical areas between the toes and the nails. Calendula oil derived from marigolds and chamomile oil are potent anti-inflammatory agents, assisting in healing dry and damaged skin. Chamomile, farnesol and benzoic acid all fight fungal infections, and the addition of thyme oil boosts the antibacterial force of this naturally effective preparation. Camphor and menthol cool and relieve itching. Over the past 50 years Camillen 60 has transformed foot care in Germany and the world. Professional quality creams, lotions, sprays, and foams are available for everything from basic daily foot care to specialized treatments for serious medical conditions. Find your solution from the Camillen 60 collection at Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Be sure feet are clean and dry before application. Pay careful attention to the area between the toes. It can take up to three months to resolve fungal infections of nails and six weeks for skin infection. Use daily even after the fungal infection seems resolved for the best outcome.

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