Cleaning Set for Fine Suede/Nubuck Footwear by Valentino Garemi

The Suede & Nubuck cleaning set is dedicated to soft and sensitive suede/nubuck leather footwear, garments & accessories. Since not all regular suede can be cleaned or maintained with regular crepe brush or suede gum, we introduced to you this perfect kit, assigned to fight and remove daily marks, regular scuffs, dirt, dust, grime, and any other weather related marks that can compromise your belongings if not serviced.
This Kit can be used on multitude of tasks, cleaning fine suede and nubuck made garments, footwear, and accessories. (Shoes, boots, gloves, bags, purses, hats, jackets, chairs, furniture, etc..)
Both products are made in Germany and proudly supplied by Valentino Garemi – Your Shoe Care Specialist.


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