Antibacterial & Fungal Protection by Camillen 60 - Fudes Spray

Fudes spray is used in the treatment of foot fungal infections such as athletes foot. Made with active ingredients found in the chamomile flower, gromwell root and Asian marsh pennywort, this spray will provide effective care to those vulnerable areas of the feet. Containing anti-inflammatory substances, the spray aides in the rejuvenation of the affected skin. The spray has properties that allow for protection in situations such as hot tubs, swimming pools and sports performance. Camillen 60 combines proven and traditional ingredients to ensure outstanding product quality and effectiveness. All products brand the seal “Made in Germany” and are produced in a state of the art facility that is subject to rigorous quality controls. All of the products at Camillen 60 have never been tested on animals.

HOW TO USE: Feet can be sprayed several times a day. Take special care to ensure that feet are sprayed after using public areas where you will be walking bare foot. Spray evenly over all areas of feet, including between toes. Spray the insides of shoes for disinfecting.


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