Classic Suede Cleaner - Soft Rubber Gum for Napped Leather by Collonil

A great solution for carefully removing soil from delicate and fined pored smooth leathers, Collonil Soft Gum cleans with gentle friction as dirt and grease are absorbed into the soft cleaning rubber. This handy tool also works well to clean microfiber materials and fabrics and other textiles, whether glossy or matte. Think of this as a stain eraser, mechanically removing unwanted substances. No need to saturate the leather or other material with liquid cleaning solutions. Collonil high quality leather and textile cleaners comprise a broad range, allowing you to choose precisely the perfect application for your needs. A German company in the business since 1909, Collonil is clearly your best resource if you love fine leathers and textiles, cleaning, conditioning and maintaining them in style.
How to use:
The Collonil Soft Gum is used exactly as one might use a pencil eraser, rubbed gently on the marks, soiling or greasy residue that is marring your fine leathers or textiles. The eraser will crumble a bit as you use it, and this is completely to be expected, the gum crumbs taking stains along with them as they are discarded.

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