Equestrian Care Set - Leather Riding Equipment Kit by Valentino Garemi

As an equestrian, or just a pleasure rider, you know that your horse’s tack and gear experiences a significant amount of wear and tear through the different seasons and weather. To help customers overcome this obstacle, Valentino Garemi combined five unique products into one special care set specifically designed for equestrian needs. Stowed in an organic linen pouch for easy storage, this kit includes an ultra-soft cotton cloth, waterproofer, universal cleaner, natural sea sponge and leather balm cream, all capable of restoring shine and suppleness back into your favourite gear. Incorporate all five items into your care routine to obtain a noticeable difference in the feel and appearance of your saddles, stirrups, halters, headstalls, noseband, breast collar, reins and all other leather pieces.
How To use: Begin by spritzing the universal cleaner directly onto the cotton cloth or tack of choice and scrub in circular motions to loosen and remove any stains, dust accumulation, buildup or debris. Apply a dime or quarter-sized amount of leather balm cream to the ocean sponge and buff into the item. Wipe away any excess and finish off by evenly spraying the waterproofer & protector.

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