Foot Skin Balm Plus by Camillen 60 Germany

When feet are especially dry and prone to roughness and painful, cracked heels, Camillen 60 Foot Balm Plus with 5 percent urea is the answer. Azulene soothes while allantoin heals, assisted by Camillen’s signature ingredients, chamomile oil, and extract, powerful anti-inflammatory, microbial and fungal agents. Tired and sore feet are rejuvenated with crisp camphor and menthol, while bio-sulfur aids in bacteria and fungus control. Eucerin, petroleum jelly, and urea join forces to offer extra moisturizing and softening to even the most abused feet. When feet are challenged with extremely dry skin and cracked heels Camillien 60 comes to the rescue. Enriched with ingredients that reduce inflammation, prevent fungal infections, limit itchiness and support supple, smooth skin, the products from this German company are precisely what is needed to keep feet healthy and comfortable.
How to use:
Make sure you clean your feet well in the shower or foot bath before using this rich, nourishing cream. The best plan is to use it twice daily, morning and night. Apply to each foot, rubbing the chamomile based cream in thoroughly, taking several minutes to massage it in completely.

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