Foot Skin Deo Balm by Camillen 60 Germany

Not just another foot cream, Camillen 60 Foot Deo Balm moisturizes and softens feet while also reducing foot odor by eliminating the bacterial action that causes the smell. Treatment rather than a cover up, the chamomile oil reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial and antifungal effect, while aluminum chlorohydrin prevents the normal sweat of a healthy foot from feeding odor-causing microbial and fungal growth. Azulene soothes away foot aches and pains while menthol refreshes and invigorates with its sharp, clean aroma. Whatever the foot care issue, Camillien 60 has a solution that not only makes the feet look better, but goes to the source of the problem with a solution. Many of the products do at least double duty, deodorizing the feet, for example, but also nourishing and healing the skin.
How to use:
Take the time to wash the feet in the bath, shower or foot bath before drying and applying this multi-purpose cream. For best results, use twice daily, once in the morning and in the evening before retiring. Massage in gently and be sure to get in between the toes. 


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