Fungus Treatment Foot Skin Foam with 10% Urea - Fudes - by Camillen 60 Germany

A light and easily applied mousse, Camillen 60 Fudes Foam with 10% Urea and Fungus Treatment helps treat and condition sensitive skin affected with the itch and cracked dry skin of fungal infections. The foam formulation permits the natural herbal and botanical ingredients penetrate affected areas, particularly those hard to reach crevices between toes. As the antimicrobial and antifungal ingredients do their work, soothing, moisturizing and conditioning urea hydrates and smooths the emerging healthy skin, providing a breathable but protective barrier. The most impressive features of the Camillen 60 collection carried by Valentino Garemi are the broad variety of  effective botanical based preparations that deliver care and treatment. Research and innovation is the Raue Camillen way to treat feet, relying on 50 years of experience to meet your foot care needs.
How to use:
The light and easily spread foam is a snap to apply. Make sure areas to be treated are clean and dry, then dispense the foam directly on affected skin or into your hand. Allow the foam to spread  between toes and on all surfaces of the feet rubbing in gently.

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