Gym Shoes & Sandals Cleaner – Gel Clean Solution by Moneysworth & Best

Footwear surface can be difficult to clean, but the Gel Cleaner Solution makes this tough task almost stress less to complete. Remove grime, dirt and even hard to tackle grim, grease or oil stains from all fabrics or leathers with this easy to apply scrubber applicator. Do not use on Suede or nubuck. Any apparel, shoes, bags, accessories or other items including furniture and other large items made of these specialty textured leathers can be cleaned well with this innovative and very effective cleaning gel solution. The Moneysworth & Best range of leather care products is wide and deep, allowing each consumer to make decisions about the approach desired to keep footwear and other leather items clean, conditioned and beautified with polishes or other restorative treatments.
How to use:
Be sure that any loose soil is removed first using a cleaning dry dirt brush. Press brush applicator cleaner and squeeze bottle generously on stained areas and gently rub it, blotting with a soft cloth. Persistent stains can be treated again. After the item is thoroughly dried use wipe off the remain dirty solution. Do not use on suede or nubuck.

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