Leather Covered Shoe Horn 6"

Elegantly packaged in a gift box, this six inch Leather Covered Shoe Horn is ultimate in luxury for you or as a gift for a valued friend or family member. The alligator print leather is a glossy textured jet black, tightly hugging the solid metal shoehorn beneath the covering. Shoes slip on easily, the smooth surface of the leather clad shoe horn allowing the foot and sock to glide. Keep one at home and one in your travel bag for easy on and off of your footwear everywhere.

How to Use: Grasp the narrower, tapered top of the shoehorn and insert the wider end into the top of the heel counter on the shoe as you slide the toe front of your foot into the shoe. Hold the shoe horn taut as your heel slides in and then remove the shoe horn once your foot is seated into the shoe.


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