Leather Furniture Care Set Essentiel by Avel

Simplify your leather furniture maintenance and cleaning with our specially curated Essentiel Leather Furniture Care Set by Avel. Gathered together are all the tools you need to clean and then protect your leather upholstery including a convenient spray version of Avel’s Stain Remover Hussard, Avel’s Leather Wax Spray and the essential Saphir Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth. Stains small or large on your leather furniture are erased with a spray formula designed to lift dirt and difficult greasy residue without leaving a mark or ring. Once you have whisked away the offending stain with the premium chamois cloth protect and nourish with the Avel Leather Wax Spray, keeping leather supple and comfortable while preventing further damage with regular use. Set of three items manufactured by Avel France. The French-crafted house of Avel produces and distributes both Saphir and Avel leather and textile care products. For nearly 100 years these cleaners and conditioners have kept European leathers in superb shape. Take advantage of Valentino Garemi specially matched Avel sets to bring this high quality leather care to your North American household.
How to use:
Perfect for larger areas, spray on the Avel Stain Remover Hussard. Allow this French-made product to do its magic, lifting off stains and grease. Absorb the dislodged dirt and oils with the Saphir Chamois and then spray your upholstery with Avel Leather Wax Spray for a protective finish, buffing with a clean area of the chamois to complete the job.

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