Leather Shoe Cleaner – Conditioner & Regenerate Soap by Avel France

Rest assured that you are treating soiled leather gently but effectively when you use Avel Cleaner and Regenerant Soap - 200 ml to remove dirt and layers of built up waxes and polishes. It is extremely important to clear the leather's pores on a regular basis so that conditioners and pigmented polished can work effectively. Nothing caustic nor solvent based is in this soap, yet years of dirt and encrusted shoe-care products disappear with use. The tin contains enough to cover large areas such as leather couches, leather car interiors, leather clothing, traveling cases, bags, interior house decorations, and so on. A commitment to tradition combined with ongoing research into new and effective products means Avel of France offers its customers the best of all worlds. All products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are specifically matched with the types of leathers or textiles they were designed to treat.
How to use:
The best ways to use are with a damp sponge or flexible brush. Work the formula into the leather gently but thoroughly, making sure to get into seams and edges. Once the soil and previously applied shoe products begin to dissolve, wipe away soap and grime with a clean cloth.

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