Saphir France - All-Purpose Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Set

If you have the Saphir All-Purpose Leather Cleaning And Conditioning Set you are ready to keep smooth and many exotic leathers clean, supple and ready to use or wear. The Saphir Saddle Soap comes with its own sponge and is perfect for deep cleaning shoes, boots, bags and all manner of other leather goods. The Saphir Creme Universelle - Leather Balm is the answer to how to condition your cleaned non-napped leather, including reptile and other rare leathers. Its natural beeswax formula has been keeping leather nourished and looking fabulous since 1920. The soft Valentino Garemi's Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth is included for application and finishing. Saphir products have been legendary for leather care since they won the Medaille D’Or in Paris in the 1920. Purchase this handy essential leather care set and other Saphir offerings with ease online from Canada’s Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Brush loose dirt off of footwear or other leather item. Dampen the sponge found in the Saphir Saddle Soap tin and swirl it on the soap to take up a small amount of product. Use sponge in a gentle scrubbing motion over all areas of the item, rinsing the sponge when soiled. Repeat until the sponge shows no further grime. Use the Chamois to remove the final residue and allow the item to dry. Use a clean area of the Chamois to apply a little of the Saphir Creme Universelle - Leather Balm at a time to the entire item. After treatment use the cloth to buff the footwear or other item to your desired polish.

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