Saphir Natural Leather Shining Pad

Give your fine leathers a lovely shine and activate the softening and conditioning waxes in the very best leather care products with Saphir Natural Leather Shining Pads; they belong in every shoe shine box or kit. The top stitched vegetable tanned calf leather with handle and a super-thick sheep wool pad makes hand rubbing comfortable and very effective, the natural waxes reaching deep into the leather fibers as the friction from the wool warms them. Intelligently crafted leather care preparations are paired with well designed tools of the leather care trade, all within the extensive Saphir range. Take the opportunity to match quality cleaners, conditioners and polishes with effective delivery systems when you browse the Saphir offerings online at Valentino Garemi, your Canadian fine leather and textile care store.
How to use:
After you have cleaned, conditioned and applied polish or another finish to your footwear, bags, furniture or other items, slip your hand through the strap of this clever Saphir Natural Leather Shining Pad and get buffing. Use the power of your whole hand to bring precisely the shine you desire to your precious possessions

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