Saphir Rejuvenating Leather Care Set - Clean & Condition Effective Kit

For your leather footwear and other goods to look and feel their very best make the Saphir Rejuvenating Leather Care Set part of your leather maintenance plan. Remove dirt, grease and layers of waxes and polish with Saphir Reno’Mat Cleaner, bringing your leather goods back to their original finish, ready to absorb the nourishment of Saphir Renovateur. Saphir Reno’Mat can be used every three to six months for thorough cleaning while Saphir Renovateur acts as a daily cleaner and conditioner. Use the included Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth to apply the products, remove soil and residue, and buff leather to a soft shine. When you choose Saphir you reveal you leather care savvy. Meticulously crafted in France and true to award winning formulas, select and purchase from among a wide range of effective and high quality leather and textile care solutions from Saphir online at Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
Test Saphir Reno’Mat Cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the leather good to make sure it will not remove the original finish. Use the Chamois to apply the cleaner to small areas, using a circular motion to remove unwanted soiling and layers of shoe care preparations. Allow to dry and then use a clean portion of the Chamois to apply Saphir Renovateur to condition the item. When absorbed use the Chamois to buff to a soft shine. If desired you may now apply polish or wax for your desired finish.

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