Saphir Renovateur - Leather Conditioner

Saphir Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner, a refreshing drink for your thirsty leathers the product is a pigment free leather hydrate, also providing effective cleaning and polishing for your precious footwear and other leather accessories. The key ingredient in this best-selling product is mink oil, renowned for its softening and nourishing properties. Use as a base for a thorough polishing regime or use in between scheduled cream polish treatments for superior moisturizing and a soft shine. Made in France. The range of premium shoe and leather care products offered by the French company Saphir is truly exemplary, including Saphir Renovateur and Renovateur Medaille d'Or Cleaner and Conditioner, often described as the finest leather care formulations in the world. Purchase these and other fine Saphir products online at Valentino Garemi, the Canadian leather care store.
How to use:
Be aware this product has a number of different uses. As a cleaner and conditioner prior to polishing with pigmented products, Saphir Renovateur removes dirt and excess pigment, preparing your leather for a full polish. Use a chamois to apply, moving to clean areas on the cloth as you work across the surface, allow to dry, and then polish and finish as usual.
If you do not need a fresh coat of pigmented polish apply a thin layer of Renovateur and use as a finishing polish, a great time saver if serious scuffs are not an issue.
The uses for this product go well beyond shoe care, offering cleaning, conditioning and a soft finish to furniture, belts, bags, wallets and other leather goods.

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