Saphir Suede Brush - Soft Rubber & Side Nylon Cleaning Edge Bristles

A long handle with a choice of bristles or soft rubber makes the Saphir Crepe Brush a very versatile tool for your shoe shine kit. The soft crepe rubber absorbs grease and soil and removes surface dirt gently and effectively. Textured leathers come back to life as the rubber edges raise up the leather fibers for a full look. A row of nylon bristles along the side of the head helps clean tight areas along the seams. Saphir is the go-to source for high-quality leather tools, manufactured in France to the most stringent standards. Find your Saphir products in North America online at Valentino Garemi.
How to use:
The key to effective use of the Saphir Crepe Brush is to work on the leather at room temperature. A warmer temperature ensures that the rubber adheres to the nap of the leather and draws out any dirt and soil easily. Gently rub the rubber edges like an eraser across the leather item, using short strokes. When cleaning is completed you will see the crepe ribbon is darkened. This can be removed by rubbing with a soft cloth or even the fingers. The narrow nylon bristles just need to be worked gently into tight spots, brushing the soil away.

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