Shoe Horn Set – Hardwood Crafted & Leather String by Valentino Garemi

The Shoe Horn set offered by Valentin Garemi it's a classic footwear care tool, made in Germany, fairly straightforward, perfectly crafted from the finest hard wood to the length where the user will not need much effort to use it. A very traditional put on helper for shoes, those tools didn’t evolve much in design over time but the quality and finished to perfection will please any users. Sturdy enough to endure drops or forced pressure, with a clever leather string for easy storage around home entrances & footwear closets. The two sizes as small (4.5 Inches) or long (14.5 inches). Practical and proactive, Valentino Garemi’s products both protect and revitalize everything from the shoes on your feet to the bag on your shoulder. With over 30 years of experience in leather and textile care, our company will keep your valued possessions clean, conditioned and comfortable to wear and enjoy.

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