Smooth Leather Care Set – Clean & Condition by Saphir France

Ensure your smooth leathers receive effective cleaning and conditioning with  our Saphir Smooth Leather Care Set. Start your leather care routine with Saphir Saddle Soap, a gentle but very complete cleanser, removing dirt, grease, staining and polish and wax residue with its convenient sponge that fits within the tin. Once your smooth leather is cleared of grime indulge it with a luxurious restoring treatment with Saphir Delicate Cream. Made of the highest quality natural ingredients this soft and easily absorbed cream will replenish moisture and add a nice, soft shine when buffed with the included Polishing Chamois Cotton Cloth. Saphir is the award winning French leather care line that has been treating leather effectively and gently for more than 90 years. Find the Saphir products you need online at Valentino Garemi, Canada’s leather care source.
How to use:
Shake and/or brush off any loose soil and then dampen the sponge in the Saphir Saddle Soap jar before taking up a small amount of the soap. Gently scrub your smooth leathers with the soap, rinsing the sponge as it becomes soiled. When no more dirt or residue shows on the sponge wipe your leather with the Chamois and allow to dry. Apply the Delicate Cream with a clean area of the Chamois, using a small amount at a time, using a circular motion. Let dry and then buff to your desired level of shine with a clean Chamois.

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