Stain Remover Solution for Leather Footwear & Garments by Avel France

If you are struggling with a really tough cleaning challenge for footwear, bags or accessories turn to Avel Hussard Liquid for an effective solution. Stains and soiling on both leathers and textiles are removed without leaving an unsightly ring. Even difficult to remove substances like tape and price tag residue, paint, soot, grease, tar, glue and chewing gum can be managed. Also a great idea for clearing off excess polish, a leather polishing mistake or when desiring a color change for your leather goods. Avel simply has no peer when it comes to textile and leather care. Only the best products to clean and condition are available from this French company, featuring both its own expanding line of treatments and the finest selections from brands deemed worthy to be included in the Avel family.
How to use: Always test this product on an inconspicuous place of your item before treating the entire article. Apply sparingly to the soiled area with a clean cloth after removing surface dirt. Rub gently with the grain of the leather or the weave of the textile. Do not rub in a circular motion. Move to clean areas of the cloth as the unwanted material is transferred to it. Let dry and then buff smooth leathers and use a brush appropriate for napped leathers or fabrics to fluff those materials.

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