Suede Cleaning Brass Brush - Beechwood Handle by Valentino Garemi

Made for the more robust napped leathers, the Suede Brass Brush - Beechwood Handle fits well into the hand and is an essential tool to clean, groom and maintain these textured natural materials. The oval shaped head allows for flexibility in reaching all areas, permitting the bristles to untangle, lift and clean the leather fibers. Perfect for footwear and also other leather goods made from suede, this high quality brush needs to be in everyone’s leather care kit.
How to use:
Because the bristles are stiff, use care when beginning a treatment with the Suede Brass Brush from Valentino Garemi. Gently but firmly brush every inch of the suede to raise and fluff the texture of the suede fibers. Should be used after every wearing to clean off surface dirt and after a deep cleaning and thorough drying to fluff and ready the nap for additional treatments.

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