Universal Stain Remover for Leather & Canvas Articles by Famaco France

Combining convenience and efficacy, the Famaco Leather and Canvas Universal Stain Removal lotion can be used on footwear and other articles made of leather or textiles to eliminate even set in stains. This remarkable lotion makes cleaning and maintaining your leather and fabric a one stop solution, simplifying your life by being able to use the same product on more than one type of material. This products is particularly useful on items with trim or decorations.
For more than 80 years Famaco has been using both traditional and innovative technologies to deliver the very best in leather and textile care. First in France, and now in North America through the Valentino Garemi shoe care store, these naturally derived products are available and well worth the search to buy them.
How to use: Brush any loose dirt or other debris from the objects to be treated and make sure the item is dry. Shake the bottle well and then saturate the soiled area with the lotion. Use enough liquid to sink into the stain and and a small margin around it; no need to treat the entire item. Massage in with a clean cloth and then wipe off loosened material with a wet cloth. When the item is dry buff to desired finish with a soft brush or shining cloth.

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