Vintage Leather Care Set – Clean & Protect Antique Leathers by Famaco

Your treasured antique leathers have the perfect team for cleansing and conditioning with the Famaco Vintage Leather Care Set. Manage any staining or soiling problems with Famaco Leather and Canvas Universal Stain Remover, appropriate for use on leather or textile footwear or other goods that are crafted from a blend of materials. Once the item has been cleaned Vintage Leather Conditioner comes to the rescue, nourishing and treating your rare and valuable leathers to a hydrating and softening spa-like experience. A dauber and soft Chamois are included to make cleaning, application and finishing easy doing in a professional manner. Your search for luxury leather care products is at an end when you find exactly the cleaners and treatments desired from the Famaco range at Valentino Garemi. Crafted to perfection in France and now available for our Canadian and US customers online. See why this brand has been relied upon by leather connoisseurs for more than 80 years.
How to use:
Loose soil should be brushed off. Apply the Famaco Leather and Canvas Universal Stain Remover to soiled areas, extending application to a bit around the stain -- no need to clean entire item. Let the solution soak in and loosen the grime and then blot up with a clean chamois. Allow the item to dry and then use Famaco Vintage Leather Conditioner to soften and hydrate. The extremely soft Conditioner can be applied with a clean area of the chamois or use the dauber to be sure to work the product into all areas. Finish with a brisk buffing with the Chamois.

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