Waterproof Shoe Seams & Welting Sealer Protect Silifix by Burgol

Burgol Silifix is made to seal shoe seams and welting; a specialty product from the European leather care masters. The seal will help keep water from entering shoes and boots at these vulnerable points, very useful for footwear worn for outside work and recreation. Colorless, the liquid can be used on footwear of any hue. It can be used directly on the leather of footwear as well for water resistance, shedding moisture by tightening the pores of the leather. Concentrating on leather and footwear care for nearly a century Burgol offers the discriminating consumer a comprehensive range of leather care, polish, and specialty items. Find the leather protection, maintenance, conditioning and enhancement products you need from this European maker online at Valentino Garemi, Canada’s trusted purveyor of premium quality shoe care supplies.

How to Use: Before using on the footwear find an inconspicuous place on the shoe or boot and dab a bit of the liquid to see if it discolors the leather. Make sure the footwear is clean and dry. Using a narrow brush or clean cloth apply the Burgol Silifix on the seams and around the edges of the sole. Let the footwear dry before wearing.

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