Wood Cabinet Paint Remover - Decapant Ebenisterie by Louis XIII France

This Surface Cabinet strip solution will remove paint, varnish, glazing, and vitrifies from interior wood and cabinetry. The gentle yet effective product does not stain or darken wood. The special performance gel formula contains no caustic soda, methanol or methylene chloride that can damage the environment. It is easy to apply and does not run or drip from vertical surfaces.
How to use: USE IN WELL VENTILATED AREAS - Apply with a brush and leave for 15 minutes. (Be sure to protect your skin and eyes from contact.) After the old finish has been loosened and lifted, use a scraper to lightly clear down to the bare wood. To eliminate any stripper residue, wipe the surface with naphtha or any petroleum distillate product used for removing wax. You can even use a white vinegar solution.

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