Burgol – Under New German Ownership & Management

November 26, 2018

Burgol – Under New German Ownership & Management

At Valentino Garemi, we believe in quality. That’s why we only partner with the best companies when it comes to our shoe, leather, wood and furniture care product offerings.
Burgol and Siegol are two examples of exceptional companies who help us deliver quality goods to you. Interested in knowing what makes these companies’ products special enough for us to offer at Valentino Garemi? Here’s what you should know about the products created by Burgol and Siegol.
A Century of Quality-Made Shoe Products
The Burgol company began around 1936 in the town of Burgdorf, Switzerland. A trained druggist named Rudolph Järmann created the original shoe polish which was initially sold solely in the Emmental region. Järmann’s family members helped expand Burgdorf’s customer base to throughout the canton of Berne, Switzerland.
In the coming years, Järmann continued to refine and expand his quality shoe care products.
The year of 1983 brought the sale of Burgol in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland. In 2016, during an agreement between Swiss owners and old time German supplier, the name Burgol was transferred to new German ownership - now operates from Germany and produce its shoe care goods somewhere in France.
Two years ago, a new Switzerland-based company was born called Siegol. This company, led by the past owners of Burgol, is also leading the way in the shoe care market.
Both Burgol and Siegol create their products using a similar high-quality manner.
Manufacturing Process is Key in Maintaining High Quality of Siegol and Burgol Products
Siegol and Burgol practice the utmost care when creating their luxurious products.
The companies use natural, raw materials throughout their environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. Because of their commitment to quality, both companies work hard to ensure the integrity of their product offerings is never compromised.
Using tried and true recipes from days gone by, the Siegol and Burgol product lines continue to be of superior quality.
Siegol and Burgol Products Extend the Lifetime of Your Leather Goods
Purchasing quality leather goods is only one small part of the equation; keeping them in exceptional condition is important, too. Both Siegol and Burgol are committed to providing exceptional, high quality leather care products that will help you do just that!
Check out the Burgol product offerings on our website. Watch for the launch of Siegol products that are coming soon!

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