The #1 Organic Leather Cleaner – For Garments, Shoes & Accessories

November 03, 2018

The #1 Organic Leather Cleaner – For Garments, Shoes & Accessories

Maybe you deliberated for a while. Or maybe it was an impulse purchase.

 However it came to be, you’re now the proud owner of a luxurious leather wallet, purse, briefcase or pair of shoes.

Wondering how to keep your leather footwear or garments in like-new condition? Are you nervous about choosing a leather cleaning product that won’t cause any damage? Here’s how to keep your leather goods in great condition for years to come.

 A Unique Leather Cleaner that’s Multi-Purpose

At some point, your leather goods will need to be cleaned. And when that happens, you need a trusted leather cleaner that won’t create any damage.

 The Organic Leather Suede Cleaner by Valentino Garemi features a unique, mild formula that can be trusted to clean surface stains from your leather or suede – without causing any damage. Its water-based, natural solution contains coconut and jojoba extracts that will not discolor or negatively affect the product in any way.

 As one of the few products of its kind in North America, the leather cleaner’s organic components work hard to remove residue. Use the cleaner worry-free on any man-made, dried or napped leathers in addition to suede materials. Restore and clean your leather or suede’s surface like never before!

 How to Clean Your Leather Product – Without Causing Damage

 From stains to grease, the Organic and Leather Suede Cleaner by Valentino Garemi works hard to remove light, removable surface buildup. Plus, the 4.22oz bottle has a convenient pulverize head system that makes application easy!

 To begin the cleaning process, remove any debris from the leather’s surface with a cotton cloth or dirt remover brush. Then, lightly spray the leather cleaner onto the cloth. Use two fingers inside the cloth to massage the cleaner onto the leather’s surface. Let the surface dry naturally.

For best results, pair the cleaner with a high quality cotton cleaning cloth that will absorb any of the leftover cleaning solution.

Order the Organic and Leather Suede Cleaner by Valentino Garemi Today!

Thankfully, quality leather goods are durable and long-lasting. But when a surface stain does happen, the Organic and Leather Suede Cleaner by Valentino Garemi will provide the solution!

 Stock up on this unique, organic, leather and suede cleaner today by visiting Amazon or by going directly to our website. For more information about our product line, contact our friendly customer service team!

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