Footwear Season Switch - How to...

Footwear Season Switch - How to...

March 17, 2018

Today's men and women may not have as many opportunities to wear formal footwear as in the past - casual Fridays and working from home, in your flip flops, has taken care of that. If we look around will see that shoes style changes fast  from season to season and the regular winter warm boots must get back on the dark corner shoe rack to let the regular style shoes to see the light, the sun, to fight the dust, sweat and hot asphalt.  Definitely, apply the right shoe care products for the right footwear and you could find a large variety of quality products that will perfectly preserve it no matter of maker or style. The story can go on and on but the idea is here - rather than tossing good loyal footwear into the trash or to a bag for the thrift store, proudly wear your well-cared-for shoes season to season.

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